Professor Ingvar Bjarnason offers a world-class service for the diagnosis and treatment of all gastrointestinal diseases – characterised by rapid diagnostic work-up using state of the art technology for diagnosis and staging, all married to the best research work and proven clinical practice.

A key principle of Professor Bjarnason’s approach is the to aim to minimise and avoid as much as possible the use of expensive, time-consuming and uncomfortable invasive tests (such as endo-, entero- and colonoscopy) without compromising diagnostic accuracy. This is achieved by carrying out appropriate, well-validated and highly sensitive non-invasive screening tests that predictably indicate the presence and site of disease. This may involve testing for intestinal permeability, intestinal disaccharidase deficiency, bile acid-malabsorption. intestinal inflammation (via the faecal calprotectin test), intestinal transit, screening tests for Coeliac disease and Helicobacter pylori, etc. When an abnormality is evident this allows targeted investigation of the problem and treatment.