Consultation and procedure tariff

Professor Bjarnason sees patients in consultation according to their needs 

irrespective of how long this takes.

He is a recognized provider for most of the private insurance companies 

where a mutually acceptable tariff has been agreed.

Alliance insured patients need to be aware that this company asks you in no 

uncertain terms to pay directly and they will reimburse you without undue delay.

Some insurance companies have contracts with you that cover you to a certain 

extent and in these cases you will be required to pay upfront the difference between 

the Professors fees and your insurer.


In general the Professors fees are:

Initial consultation (30 minutes on average): £220

Follow up consultations (15 minutes average): £165

Colonoscopies variably between £318.50 and £400, including sedation fees.

Gastroscopies £185.50 including sedation fees

Capsule enteroscopy: £400


Self paying patients are asked to pay directly by bank transfer or by 

credit-debit card which the hospital charges an extra £20 for processing.