Practicing at BUPA Cromwell Hospital, King’s College Hospital and The Westover Clinic, Brompton Cross, Professor Ingvar Bjarnason has been recognised as one of the top gastroenterologists in the UK.

Internationally known for integrating research with clinical work, he brings over 25 years experience to his position as a world leader in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases (such as Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease), the investigation and treatment of small bowel diseases (such as NSAID-enteropathy) and many other aspects of gastrointestinal disease.

As leader of the endoscopy unit at King’s College Hospital (2003-2010), lead for Research and Development for hollow organ gastroenterology services at King's College Hospital, and the author of over 250 peer reviewed clinical papers, Professor Bjarnason delivers the highest quality care for patients. Being the father of a son with severe learning difficulties and physical impairment, Professor Bjarnason welcomes patients with special needs and treats all as equals. Professor takes, at all times, an holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment, all backed-up with his own research which is routinely published in high-impact medical journals, and which takes in a wide network of collaborating doctors with complementary qualities.